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Gates of Heaven Bracelet featuring all the stones from the Book of Revelation and Aarons Breastplate

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The Gates of Heaven Bracelet contains all the Stones mentioned in the book of Revelations 21:19-21 These stones are also mentioned in Exodus 28:15-30 in Aaron's 'Breastplate of Judgement'.
Jasper: Worn to represent Christs sacrifice
Sapphire: Symbolized truth, sincerity, love, friendship, and faithfulness
Chalcedony: Gives mental clarity, reduces all negativity
Emerald: Symbolized Healing Energy and represented Faith
Sardonyx: From the onyx family, represented the balance between heaven and earth, self-control, decision making, intuition.
Sardius: Known also as Carnelian, it was worn for precision, peace and spirituality
Chrysolite: Known as Olivine and Peridot, worn for Warmth and understanding
Beryl: Known as Aquamarine, was worn for Courage and Strength and to dispel fear.
Topaz: Symbolized, True love, success in endeavors, trust and health.
Chrysoprase: represents joy and laughter, love, grace, and compassion.
Jacinth: In natural form is Zircon, it is said to promote wisdom, honor and riches.
Amethyst: Worn to dissipate evil thoughts, intuition, to quicken the intelligence and awareness of dreams.
Pearl: To actually represent the gates of heaven in The Bible it is also said to promote Faith, Charity and integrity

This bracelet is exclusive to our shop it was inspired by a test of faith and a answer given clearly by God. Each one of these are custom and ALL the actual REAL stones mentioned in the Bible, it comes with its explanation. 

Fascinating video on all the stones in our Gates of Heaven

Each bracelet will differ upon the stones size, shape and color


All of the Birthstones from each month


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