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PS121 Jewelry

Gates of Heaven Bracelet featuring all the stones from the Book of Revelation and Aarons Breastplate, Unique Mother's gift, Christian

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The "Gates of Heaven Wrap Bracelet" is not merely jewelry; it's a testament to meaningful connections and divine inspiration. Custom-made and exclusively available in our shop, this piece holds a special place in our collection.

The Stones: Each stone in this bracelet is carefully chosen, reflecting the symbolism mentioned in Revelations 21:19-21 and Exodus 28:15-30, forming Aaron's 'Breastplate of Judgment.' Here's a glimpse into the stones and their profound meanings:

  • Jasper: Symbolizing Christ's sacrifice.
  • Sapphire: Representing truth, sincerity, love, friendship, and faithfulness.
  • Chalcedony: Offering mental clarity and reducing negativity.
  • Emerald: Symbolizing healing energy and faith.
  • Sardonyx: Balancing heaven and earth, promoting self-control and intuition.
  • Sardius (Carnelian): Worn for precision, peace, and spirituality.
  • Chrysolite (Olivine/Peridot): Worn for warmth and understanding.
  • Beryl (Aquamarine): Symbolizing courage, strength, and dispelling fear.
  • Topaz: Representing true love, success, trust, and health.
  • Chrysoprase: Symbolizing joy, laughter, love, grace, and compassion.
  • Jacinth (Zircon): Promoting wisdom, honor, and riches.
  • Amethyst: Dissipating evil thoughts, enhancing intuition and awareness of dreams.
  • Pearl: Representing the gates of heaven, promoting faith, charity, and integrity.

Inspiration: More than jewelry, this bracelet is a spiritual journey. Crafted from stones with profound meanings, it reflects a personal connection to faith and divine guidance.

Custom Creations: Expect variations in stone size, shape, and color, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Your custom-made bracelet is a unique reflection of your faith.

Wear it Proudly: Wear the "Gates of Heaven Wrap Bracelet" as a symbol of your faith and a tangible connection to the profound stones mentioned in the Bible. Each piece is a testament to the divine inspiration that guides our creations.


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