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The Gates of Heaven Earrings

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The Gates of Heaven Earrings contains all the Stones mentioned in the book of Revelations 21:19-21 These stones are also mentioned in Exodus 28:15-30 in Aaron's 'Breastplate of Judgment'.

Jasper: Worn to represent Christs sacrifice

Sapphire: Symbolized truth, sincerity, love, friendship, and faithfulness

Chalcedony: Gives mental clarity, reduces all negativity

Emerald: Symbolized Healing Energy and represented Faith

Sardonyx: From the onyx family, represented the balance between heaven and earth, self-control, decision making, intuition.

Sardius: Known also as Carnelian, it was worn for precision, peace and spirituality

Chrysolite: Known as Olivine and Peridot, worn for Warmth and understanding

Beryl: Known as Aquamarine, was worn for Courage and Strength and to dispel fear.

Topaz: Symbolized, True love, success in endeavors, trust and health.

Chrysoprase: represents joy and laughter, love, grace, and compassion.

Jacinth: In its natural form is Zircon, it is said to promote wisdom, honor and riches.

Amethyst: Worn to dissipate evil thoughts, intuition, to quicken the intelligence and awareness of dreams.

Pearl: To actually represent the gates of heaven in The Bible it is also said to promote Faith, Charity and integrity